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Axis Goldline Series Single Phase Solid State Relays

Axis Goldline Series Single Phase Solid State Relays

The company offers Axis Goldline Series Single Phase Solid State Relays. The Relays we make available undergo numerous quality-tests before the final dispatch. Buyers can obtain these at competitive rates from us.


Details :

  • Solid State Relays (SSRs) are switching devices consisting of electronic components. The term "Solid State" means that these relays do not incorporate any moving parts in the load switching circuit.
  • When applied properly, Solid State Relays (SSRs) will last millions of cycles due to the fact that no mechanical devices are included in the load switching circuit. The user will experience no arcing problems, and operation will be troublefree , even in polluted envirom- ents (dust,gasses, etc.).
  • Furthermore, Solid State Relays (SSRs) increase operating speed thereby providing the possibility of choosing zero or phase angle switching. A Solid State Relay is the solution when the system designer needs to switch loads rapidly.as in all kinds of temperature control applications. Solid State Relays are used extensively in the Plastics, Packaging, Food
  • Processing and HVAC industries and are an excellent replacement for electromechanical relays.


Type Solid State Relays
Material Aluminium
Certification CE Certified
Application Industrial Use
Color Black
Voltage 110V, 220V
Frequency 60Hz
Features Accuracy, Auto Controller, Dipped In Epoxy Resin, Durable, Heat Resistance, High Performance
Warranty 1yr

  • Design No. 16 Amp

  • Design No. 25 Amp

  • Design No. 40 Amp

  • Design No. 60 Amp

  • Design No. 80 Amp

  • Design No. 100 Amp